***** = Remarkably useful
**** = Very useful (or top of its class in an obscure category)
*** = Good, reliable information

For writers

www.bartleby.com *****
Databases of poetry, fiction, non-fiction, and general reference

www.infoplease.com ***
Includes a daily almanac, atlases, dictionary, and encyclopedia

www.m-w.com ***
Word games, dictionary, and thesaurus

www.yourdictionary.com ****
Dictionaries in 10 languages

www.wordsmith.org ****
Acronyms-by-mail, word-a-day, anagrams, dictionary, and thesaurus

http://gos.sbc.edu ****
Huge searchable collection of speeches.

www.bright.net/~flounder.mission.html ****
You'll never have to write another mission statement again!

www.pencils.com ***
More than any human being should know about pencils

For anyone in healthcare advertising

www.rxlist.com *****
Databases of monographs and product imprint codes

http://dirline.nlm.nih.gov ****
Worldwide directory of health organizations and treatment facilities

www.clinicaltrials.gov *****
Database of U.S. clinical trials

www.medexplorer.com ***
Includes information on community health, hospitals, allied health issues, and dentistry

www.biospace.com ***
The latest biotechnology news, info on clinical trials, and job listings

www.jcaho.org ***
The scoop on HMOs, hospitals, and long-term-care

For fun

Just for yucks

You've got to do something while that job's routing!

A preview of all the radar traps on your way home

Client? What client?